Research Days Installation

This humiliating age has not succeeded in winning our respect. ~ Hugo Ball

The metalworks installation is meant to further reiterate the importance of participation and collaboration when it comes to new media practices. A life-size wire sculpture of the human head composes the main component of this work. The wire used to construct the sculpture has binary code chased into its flattened faces. The binary code spells out the message “Take Me Seriously” in a continuous loop, referencing the the slogan bastardized by the Nazis during the original degenerate art exhibition in 1937 but with a contemporary slant where self becomes the primary focus. This is emphasized by the main component of the piece being a metal bust of the human head. Often, the face is considered the primary representation of self. Rather than being made out of a sturdier, solid sheet of metal, though, this bust is constructed from precariously placed wires. This is meant to represent, as Saum states, the “precariousness” of self. Additionally, computer wires are also wrapped around the bust, meant to convey the ways in which digital intervention can provide stability but also suffocate our sense of self. There are little clips attached to the piece that invite viewers to engage with the piece by providing an artifact or a written explanation that describes their personal relationship to new media. These pieces of paper will be provided at Research Days 2019. In addition, during the 2019 presentation, Research Days guests will be asked to tweet to the #TakeMeSeriously to expand upon their perceptions of self in the digital age and the abilities of new media to translate self.

Photo credits to: @helterskelliter, @MiaZamoraPhd, @_teachreadwrite, @soto_Leighann, @ColorfulWriter2, @masoochwrites, @KareLNavyBluGuy, @
ambitiousisshe1, & @Maltese_Tiger

In addition to this Research Days installation being a way through which to present this thesis project, it also served as a Studio Visit experience for graduate students and senior undergraduate students in ENG 5085 Comp Theory & New Media (aka #NetNarr). A live feed of the presentation was filmed for most of the event that can be accessed here:

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event and made its success possible! I greatly appreciate all of the help #NetNarr put into promoting and supporting this installation! Their assistance and support made the whole event possible! This work and the community that has arisen around it is central to the main ideas of my project! It’a like watching it come to life ^.^